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Healthcare providers are the backbone of Minnesota’s care delivery systems, providing a wide array of coordinated care to patients at all stages of life, treatment of chronic and acute conditions, referrals to adjunct services, and more.

Juniper offers supportive, educational programs for your patients with chronic pain and disease and those who are at risk for falls, supporting and extending the care you provide. Our evidence-based programs can also help you achieve care management goals related to quality outcomes for these patients.

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Compassionate Experts: Juniper Clinical Advisory Committee

Juniper has engaged clinical subject matter experts and health management advocates to participate on our Clinical Advisory Committee. Dr. Sara Lindquist is Juniper’s Director of Health Care Integration, leading this team of dedicated professionals to help guide the framework and process to ensure consistent, quality-driven Juniper programming.

Evidenced-Based Programs: Clinical Evidence Summaries and Patient Discussion Aids

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