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Creating a Healthier Minnesota

Juniper is helping communities across Minnesota create a culture of health, where prevention and wellness are the norm. Our programs give you the tools you need to take control of your own health and manage in a way that works best for you and your life. Juniper programs provide education, fitness instruction, and self-care strategies for participants; they do not replace clinical care provided by doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Our evidence-based programs help people across the state experience improved wellness and quality of life.

What are “evidence-based” programs?

Evidence-based programs are developed and verified by researchers to promote self-management of chronic health conditions (such as diabetes and chronic pain), prevent falls, and foster individual well-being. Juniper offers evidence-based programs for:

  • Preventing Falls
  • Preventing and Managing Diabetes
  • Managing Chronic Conditions and Pain

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Creating a healther Minnesota

Powerful Partnerships

Juniper partnerships ensure the quality, coordination and local delivery of Juniper programs. Our partners include healthcare providers, health plans, housing providers, and community based organizations, all dedicated to improving the health of the communities we serve — together.

For information about Juniper partnership, contact your regional Senior Provider Relationship Manager. If you do not know your region, please call us toll free at 1-855-215-2174 or email

Here Are Just a Few of Juniper’s Provider Partners:
  • Aitkin County Care
  • Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging
  • Chisago Age Well Coalition
  • Essentia Health Central (Crow Wing Energized)
  • FamilyMeans
  • Mama Bear Care, LLC
  • Physical Therapy Consultants
  • Regions Hospital
  • Vietnamese Social Service of Minnesota
  • VINE Faith in Action

Click here to view a complete listing of Juniper’s Provider Partners. Please contact your provider organization to register as a provider. For questions please call us toll free at 1-855-215-2174 or email

If your organization offers one, some, or all of the evidence-based programs described on our Programs page, and you would like to join the Juniper provider network, click below.


Online Infrastructure

  • Registration
  • Training
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Management
  • Contractual Support is a one-stop, virtual infrastructure for Juniper partner organizations, supporting the development, delivery, management and monitoring of Juniper programs. Innovations for Aging, LLC, a nonprofit subsidiary of Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging, is the managing partner for Juniper, providing management information systems, coordination, member services and support to our partner organizations.

Interested in being a part of transformative healthcare culture change in Minnesota?

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Why Juniper

Why “Juniper”?

“Juniper” represents the very best of what we have created: a health promotion and wellness approach that improves the lives of Minnesotans. Juniper is a very long-living evergreen, hardy, with a history of valuable medicinal and protective properties. Herbal uses of Juniper date back to Greek and Arabian physicians of the 1500s. Some Native Americans have for centuries considered Juniper to have healing properties and use the berries for decorative beads. Juniper and its berries are known to have cleansing properties, add flavor to foods (and beverages!), and have been regarded in many cultures a symbol of longevity and strength.