From Stability to Savings: The Juniper Approach to Reducing Falls Among Older Adults

Dr. Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi, health care and analytics consultant, Dr. Craig Solid, owner and principal at Solid Research Group, and Mark Cullen, vice president of strategy and business development at Trellis, dive into the exciting results from Juniper’s fall prevention work and their implications for healthcare and community organizations. Learn about cost savings of evidence-based fall prevention classes, the role of community-based organizations in delivering services, and the broader impact on healthcare systems and policies.

Juniper fall prevention programs improve wellness and reduce healthcare costs

At Juniper, we know the fall prevention classes we offer help people feel stronger, improve their balance and reduce their fear of falling. Thanks to a review of participant data, we can now show that these programs represent significant healthcare cost savings.

Third party analysis of Juniper participant data indicates fall prevention programs result in cost savings between $2,425-$7,359.

This data is significant for healthcare organizations and risk-bearing entities looking to manage the costs of care and improve member satisfaction. 

More than 90% of Juniper class participants report feeling less afraid of falling and more confident in increasing their physical activity

9 out of 10 Juniper class participants would recommend the class to friends and family

Stepping On Class Savings Per Participant

Review the Research

We invite you to explore our white paper documents below to review the research and learn how fall prevention classes result in cost savings. Our research is available as a one-page overview, an executive summary and our full report: "Cost Savings Associated with Preventing Falls in Older Minnesotans."

White paper documents


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