Flourish: Are you staying hydrated?


Are you staying hydrated? Your body needs more water when you are in hotter climates and are more physically active. Learn about the benefits of drinking water and tips on how to stay hydrated this spring and summer.

Older African American woman drinking water

What are the benefits of drinking water?

  • Prevents dehydration. This causes you to think unclearly, your body to overheat and may lead to kidney stones.
  • Manage body weight. Substitute those sugary drinks such as soda or sweet tea with calorie-free water, helping you manage your weight.
  • Helps keep joints flexible. Water helps create a thin layer of fluid that cushions and delivers nutrients to your joints.
  • Prevents infections. Staying hydrated helps your body fight infections by getting rid of toxins and other bacteria that may cause illness.

6 tips to drink more water

  1. Set a daily goal and set reminders.
  2. Carry a water bottle with you and refill it throughout the day.
  3. Drink water instead of sugary drinks such as soda or tea.
  4. When eating out, choose water as your drink. This saves money and reduces calories.
  5. Eat more foods high in water. This includes watermelon, cantaloupe, lettuce and zucchini.
  6. Every time you see a water fountain, take a drink.

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