Flourish: Bundle Up For Winter Weather


Tips on how to bundle up for winter weather

bundle up for winter weather

Winter is the time to bundle up with layers of warm clothing. During this frosty season, consider some tips on what to wear.

  • Cover your skin and stay dry. Try to cover as much skin while you're outside to avoid frostbite. Use hats, scarves, mittens, thick pants and socks and boots while walking outside. If you get wet, be sure to change your clothes as soon as possible.
  • Wear layers. Use several layers of clothing rather than one thick layer. The layers will act as insulation between them.
  • Natural fibers are the best for winter. Look for sweat-wicking fabrics, or fabrics that act to absorb liquid off your skin. Here are some examples: polyester, wool, and nylon.
  • Sunglasses aren't only for summertime. The sun's harsh UV rays bounce off the snow and have a greater impact on your vision. Be sure to stash a pair in your thick coat pocket!

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