Flourish: Lean protein for strong bodies and hearts


Did you know that health experts recommend we eat about 1 gram of protein each day for each 2.75 pounds of weight? Source: Harvard Health

Six tips for choosing and preparing lean protein

Protein in our diets helps to repair and build our body’s tissues. Not only does eating leaner meat give you the benefit of protein, it lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease. Here are six tips for preparing leaner meat: 

  1. Buy lean cuts. 
  1. Trim any fat you can see. 
  1. Remove the skin from chicken and turkey. 
  1. Choose white meat poultry. 
  1. Drain-off fat after cooking meat and blot the meat with a paper towel.  
  1. Flavor meats with low-fat flavorings such as barbeque sauce, hot sauce, ketchup or lemon juice. 

Source: Diabetes Prevention Program

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