Flourish: Walking in slick conditions


March may mean spring for some, but for Minnesotans it can still have a winter footprint. Learn ways to protect yourself and ways to brave the storm until spring.

Walking in slick conditions

Tips for staying on your feet

Light your way. Use well-lit pathways or carry a flashlight so you can see where you are walking in the dark.
Wipe your feet. When entering a building, wipe your feet on rugs or mats during wet weather to prevent slipping.
Wear the right shoes. Make sure your shoes are comfortable, not worn out and slip-resistant. When walking outside in wintry weather, shoes should have deep treads that offer traction and a deep heel cup that prevent ankle injury in case of a fall.
Watch where you're going. If you see a wet patch or icy area ahead, avoid it. Search for paths that are cleared of ice and snow.
Exercise. Regular exercise is a great way to reduce your risk for falls. Aim for strength, balance, and flexibility exercises three times a week and aerobic activities three to five times per week.

Find a falls prevention class

Learn practical strategies for reducing falls and increasing strength and balance in these classes offered by Juniper. Find upcoming fall prevention classes here.

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