Flourish: What pet is best for you?


Adopting a pet brings many health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and reducing stress, while encouraging physical and social activity. Pets can also help manage depression and loneliness while giving us a sense of companionship.

Older woman with a cat

There are many different types of pets out there. Consider one of these pets to welcome into your home!

Beagle dogDogs
Adopt a loving, faithful and protective friend such as a dog. Dogs are perfect for active adults. They reduce blood pressure, lower stress levels and increase self-esteem. Dogs (specifically golden retrievers) are the most popular service animal because of their patience and ability to learn quickly.


Cats are perfect for adults who are looking for a loving pet who can care mostly for themselves. These pets are known to boost immune systems, create a sense of calm and are low-maintenance.


Like many pets, there are a wide variety of birds. Birds can be great for adults who are looking for a pet with little hands-on care. These pets have many health benefits including social interaction, lowering stress and increasing empathy.


Looking for a pet that requires very little maintenance? Fish are lovely to look at and have diverse personalities. These pets are known to improve mental health, decrease heart rate and reduce anxiety.


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