Juniper Participant Portal Resources Are Now Available


Access your participant profile to update your information, add pre- and post-survey information and track your participation in Juniper classes.

  • Participant profileComplete pre-class and post-class forms
  • Keep your profile up-to-date
  • Track your Juniper classes
  • Get detailed information from your class leader
  • Give feedback about your experience in the class
  • Register for classes

The profile is created when you register for a Juniper class.

Once created, a you can log into your profile by going to and clicking “Sign In” in the upper right corner of the screen. Once you log in to your personal profile you will see the screen pictured here.

Step-by-step guide

A step-by-step video and instruction guide for using the participant portal is now available.

Registering for a Juniper class for the first time and verifying your participant account

Logging in to your Juniper participant account

Resetting your password

Editing your participant profile

Viewing current and past class details

Entering pre and post surveys

Registering for a class while logged in

Troubleshooting unverified participant accounts

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