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Flourish: Get back in action for spring


In early 2021, almost 40% of those surveyed reported reduced physical activity and less time on their feet since the start of the pandemic. Source: University of Michigan.

People in a Juniper exercise class

When the pandemic started many gyms, yoga studios and community and senior centers closed. Many of us were also limiting our shopping trips and social activities to stay home and stay healthy. But even those regular everyday activities can add up quickly to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Reducing those activities for 6 months or more can result in reduced balance and muscle strength. 

Let’s build back up again so that we are ready for spring! Here are 8 tips for how to add more activity into your everyday routine: 

  1. Stand or walk while talking on the phone 
  2. Park far away from the store entrance 
  3. Use the stairs instead of the escalator 
  4. Take multiple trips to carry in your groceries 
  5. Take a walk around the block after lunch and/or dinner 
  6. Carry hand weights when you walk 
  7. Wash your car by hand 
  8. Garden and do yard work
Source: National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

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