Flourish: Practice Gratitude


Did you know that a daily gratitude practice can improve your sleep, boost your immunity and increase your happiness?

Gratitude jar with notes

Gratitude has been tied to multiple benefits, including life satisfaction, higher self-esteem, boosted immunity and better sleep. These benefits create better physical and mental health.

Looking for ways to add gratitude to your life? Try these 5 methods: 

  1. Start each day by journaling 1 to 3 things for which you are grateful.

  1. During dinner with your family, ask everyone to share one thing they are grateful for. 

  1. Start a gratitude jar. Find a glass jar and some pieces of paper. Each day, write down one new thing you are grateful for and put it in the jar.  

  1. Say “thank you” every opportunity you have. 

  1. Give back. Donate or volunteer to a cause you care about. 

Sources: Mayo Clinic & Seniorlifestyle.com 

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