How's your hearing?


Did You Know? Men are three times more likely to develop hearing loss than women (UC Health).

Nurse helping older woman with a hearing aid

Do you need hearing aids?

Hearing loss usually happens between the age of 50-60 and becomes more likely as we age into our sixties and seventies. Here are some signs that you might need hearing aids:

  • You struggle to hear people and feel like they are mumbling or speaking too quietly
  • You ask people to repeat themselves frequently
  • You notice people speak more loudly in order to get your attention
  • It's harder to hear someone through the phone or on video (like Zoom)
  • You might struggle to follow a conversation, especially in louder settings like public events or live theatrical productions
If you are concerned about your hearing, reach out to your doctor to schedule a hearing test.

Keep your ears healthy

  • In noisy places, make sure you're wearing earplugs
  • Go to the doctor regularly and check your hearing
  • If you have prescribed hearing aids, be sure you're wearing them
  • See your doctor if you are having problems with hearing


Class of the week

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Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program

This is a group exercise class for people with arthritis who want safe ways to stay active, reduce pain and move more easily. Participants will practice stretching, breathing, endurance and balance activities tailored to their ability and skill level. The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program can help control pain, boost energy and mood, and increase confidence about staying active and managing arthritis.

January 3 - February 26, 2024
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.
Online and in-person: The Legends of Cottage Grove
Class Leader: Luke Rowh

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