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What is Stepping On?

Stepping On

This seven-week class meets once a week for two hours, teaching strategies to reduce falls and increase strength. Exercises are introduced in week one and practiced throughout. Participants use weights to improve strength and balance.

The program includes a home visit and a three-month booster session to review and sustain progress. You’ll learn:

  • Fun balance and strength exercises
  • The role of vision in balance
  • How medications can contribute to falls
  • Ways to avoid falls in your community
  • How to eliminate fall hazards at home

Stepping On® is an evidence-based program developed at the University of Sydney and adapted for U.S. audiences by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Who should take Stepping On? Anyone who:

  • Has a fear of or is at risk of falling
  • Is an older adult
  • Lives independently
  • Does not use a walker indoors (cane OK)
  • Does not need a wheelchair
  • Is without a diagnosed cognitive impairment




Upcoming classes at yourjuniper.org

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Date: July 11 - August 22 | Thursdays
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Location: Allina Ramsey Clinic - Ramsey, MN
Class Leaders: Sharon Schmidtbauer and Mallory Haas
Provided by: Allina Health
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Join our online and in-person classes at yourjuniper.org or call 855-215-2174.

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