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Flourish: What can we learn from the Blue Zones' centenarians?

Did you know that 90% of longevity is determined by lifestyle, and just 10% is determined by genes? Source: BlueZones.com Read More

Flourish: Driver safety courses could mean discounts on car insurance

Did you know that in Minnesota, people age 55+ who complete a safe driving course save 10% on their car insurance for 3 years? Source: American Automobile Association (AAA) Read More

Flourish: Are you a weekend warrior?

Did you know that if you’re starting a new fitness routine, there are many things you can do to prevent injuries, avoid overdoing it and stay safe? Read More

Flourish: One is silver and the other gold

Did you know that friendships come with valuable health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, less stress and lower levels of depression? Source: Cleveland Clinic Read More

Flourish: Tips for choosing the right athletic shoes

Did you know that 83% of older adults wear the wrong size shoe, leading to a lower quality of life due to increased foot pain and loss of balance? Source: ScienceDaily Read More
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