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Flourish: Practice Gratitude

Did you know that a daily gratitude practice can improve your sleep, boost your immunity and increase your happiness? Read More

Flourish: Know Your Balance System

A study published by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that two-thirds of older adults have two or more sensory deficits (hearing, vision, touch, etc.). Read More

Flourish: Tune-up Your Diet to Prevent Diabetes

Did you know that 88 million American adults have pre-diabetes? A pre-diabetes diagnosis can set off alarm bells, but it doesn’t have to lead to Type 2 diabetes. Read More

Flourish: Laughter is the best medicine

"Over the long-term, laughter can improve your immune system, relieve pain and improve your mood." — Mayo Clinic Read More

6 Tips for Reducing Falls in Winter

By Sara Lindquist, MD, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Read More
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