Participant Stories

Tai Ji Quan Participant Says her Virtual Class is a Perfect Fit

"The more energy I have, the more activities I can do, and it feeds on itself.” Read More

SAIL Class Participant Says She Will Take the Class Forever

“Between the class and walking two days a week, I’ve been able to keep my diabetes under control and keep my A1C under seven. I feel strong, and I have the energy to care for my grandchildren and drive them to their activities. I’m pretty sure I also inspired their parents to exercise!” Read More

Suzie Crossed the Threshold to Strength and Better Balance

“When you’re young, you don’t have to think about these things because your brain and body are strong. Now, I realize I need to focus on what I’m doing and be very intentional with my walking.” Read More

Twyla Found Strength and Strategies for Preventing Falls

“I need to do it to stay strong. And doing that makes me feel better about myself.” Read More

Life Begins Again for Tai Ji Quan Class Participant

“It takes a village to raise children, but it takes a state to take care of older adults, and I’m in the right state.” Read More

Family Caregiver Gets Powerful Tools for Powerful Change

Teresa shares how Powerful Tools for Caregivers is helping her navigate her new caregiving role. Read More

13 Juniper Classes Bring Balance Back After a Brain Injury

Kathleen Sorbie experienced a traumatic brain injury from a fall three years ago that impacted her balance, large motor movements, depth perception, speech and vocabulary. But over the past two years, she’s made a 98% comeback with a focus on recovery, and dedication to 13 Juniper classes. Read More

Virtual SAIL Juniper Classes Bring Fitness and Fun to the Braham Event Center

Kelly Nelson, the event coordinator for the Braham Event Center in Braham, Minnesota, says she is thrilled to offer Juniper classes to her community. “People had been asking for fitness classes and we thought it wasn’t possible because there wasn’t anyone in town to teach them, but then we found Juniper, which had a solution.” Read More

Rochester Resident Takes Tai Ji Quan for Better Balance and Companionship

Kay Luinstra, a Juniper Tai Ji Quan participant, enjoys taking this class remotely so she can improve balance, posture and range of motion. Tai Ji Quan has improve Kay's ability to prevent falls. Read More

Ronald Jackson Finds Harmony in Movement and Music

One day, Ronald Jackson went for a walk. He ventured down to the community room in his St. Paul apartment building, a path he had taken many times before. But this time, he walked into an opportunity. Read More
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