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Wellness Recovery Action Plan

WRAP guides participants through the process of identifying and understanding their personal wellness resources ("wellness tools"), and then helps them to develop an individualized plan to use these resources to manage daily stress and symptoms.

About the class

You’ll learn about each of the following topics:

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Wellness Recovery Action Plan is a program developed by the National Council on AgingCopeland Center for Wellness and Recovery.

Benefits of the class

  • Reduced psychiatric symptoms, especially depression and anxiety
  • Increased hopefulness
  • Increased quality of life
  • Increased recovery
  • Increased empowerment
  • Increased self-advocacy

Who should take the class

WRAP is used primarily by people with mental illnesses of varying severity and people coping with various health issues (such as arthritis, diabetes, Hepatitis C, HIV).

Anyone who wants to achieve wellness despite deep sadness, aging, learning challenges, physical limitations, arthritis, addictions, hearing voices, job loss or retirement, diabetes, burnout, etc.

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