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Flourish: World Hearing Day

Let's wrap up Speech and Hearing Awareness Month by celebrating World Hearing Day! Consider some tips to keep your ears healthy and avoid deafness and hearing loss. Read More

Flourish: Tips to age well at home

While aging is inevitable, every person is unique. What does aging well look like to you? For many of us, aging well involves staying in our homes and our community. Consider these tips to age healthy and independently. Read More

Flourish: Sleep more soundly

Sleep is important at every age. Some things, like chronic pain, make it harder to sleep as we age. Read More

Flourish: Catch the causes of caregiver stress

Being a caregiver to a family member or friend is rewarding but can come with emotional pressure. Stress and anxiety, especially over a long time, can harm your health and can cause depression. When you care for others, it is easy to ignore those symptoms. However, it is important to care for yourself as well. Read More

Flourish: Are you staying hydrated?

Are you staying hydrated? Your body needs more water when you are in hotter climates and are more physically active. Learn about the benefits of drinking water and tips on how to stay hydrated this spring and summer. Read More
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